Business Development at Eignapharma

Because of its contacts network reach, Eignapharma can offer direct access to business partners aiming to strengthen their marketing portfolios or in search of adequate sources of medicinal, nutraceuticals, cosmeceuticals and medical devices.

Our team will assess the case and make sound proposals of potential partners to maximise your investment together with a proposal of reasonable revenue model for Eignapharma. We undergo customized approach only, insuring best possible treatment of product developments or ideas for existing marketing portfolios. Eignapharma partners at both ends will enjoy full visibility of the discussions and will be on the driving seat at all times, as transparency is considered of essence.

In & out-licensing partnerships.

Co-development partnerships.

Contract development.

Contract manufacturing.

API sourcing.

Mergers & acquisitions.

Regulatory & Pharmacovigilance support.

Market research & competitive analysis.

Customised matchmaking.

  • Identification of marketing & sourcing partners.
  • Commercial and contractual discussion.
  • Product launching management.